Friday, September 17, 2010

Group Hug

In my August 29 post I included a photo and pattern for what looked to be a quick and simple afghan - something I'd stumbled across while searching the web for some other quick and simple afghan.  Well, I lost no time finding an excuse to buy yarn and make it, and in a record time (for me) of two weeks, the creation pictured to the left (the blankie, not the teenager) was completed and delivered to a dear family who is experiencing the loss of their beloved mother and grandmother.  It is my hope that this humble substitution for a mother's arms will bring them warmth and comfort and snuggliness. Unfortunately, due to the afghan's limited size, they will have to take turns - the tassels are not to be used for tug-of-war purposes!

I would like to thank Fox Sports for televising an unusually high number of Philadelphia games in early September, conveniently providing both motivation and opportunity to crank this baby out in a timely manner.

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